If you are looking for that computer shop that charges the same as the neighborhood wizkid, you found the right place. Empowering Technologies is a small town business with small town ideas. Our prices are fair, while our service is professional. Here at Empowering we strive for customer satisfaction and treat every person as an individual not a profit. Our services include Dial-up, Dsl, or even the newest technology wireless (for people who cannot get dsl or the gamer in you). We are committed to offering you local tech service, while still being competitive and fair. With over 10 years of experience, come today and let us see what we can do for you. Just give us a call and find out (618) 659-0030


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Professional service at a small town price!

DSL Packages

Classic package        $34.95


Premium package     $48.95


Ultra Package           $54.95


*Qualifications for services based on address and phone number


Wireless Packages

Home Wireless   $49.95


Business Wireless


2 yr Contract       Call

1 yr Contract       Call

Month 2 Month    Call


*Qualification based on line of sight to our towers. Speeds vary depending  on  distance and line of sight.


For more information about our DSL Packages Click here.

For more information about our Wireless Packages Click here.